Get out the boat!

As I type this, just days away from the soft launch of GODsent Greetings, I feel compelled to urge you, dear reader, to trust God for your dream. No matter your age, the challenges you face (financial or otherwise) or nagging fear, know that if God deposited in you a dream, you must pursue it. You will not know true happiness, true fulfillment until you put your hands to it.

Understand, there will be distractions — for me, it’s been busyness, serving others while doing good, worthy tasks that I excelled in but ultimately they were not what God called me to do. You may think it’s too late, but let me assure you, it’s never too late. I’m the Queen of doing things later: I went back to school at 32 with three small children! I didn’t start this company until I was 48! All I can tell you is:

If God gives you a dream, a vision, your job is to pursue it. His job is to make it happen!

Stop looking for the who, what, when, where and how. True trust is not seeing the path, but stepping out anyway. We often say we’re trusting God to do something and proceed to tell Him how to work it out. Then we don’t move because we’re busy looking for Him to do it as we decided He should! What? HE Is The Great I Am! He will do it as He knows it should be done. True trust is yielding to His Will … nevertheless, Father, Your Will be done, not mine.

Come on, Peter. Get out the boat!