ManifestU 2019 Conference


ManifestU 2019 Conference

from 25.00

Registration for ManifestU 2019, a three-part conference series:

February 23

  • Energize Your Dream: Testimonials from business owners, just like you:

  • Realize Your Dream: Practical Steps for Your Passion

    • Pamela Reed, program specialist, Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center

  • Realize Your Dream: Building Your Brand by Holly Herlocker

March 30

  • Energize Your Dream: Testimonials from Women Just Like You

  • Visualize Your Dream: To Be Announced

  • Realize Your Dream:

    • Keynote: “Don’t Throw In the Towel,” Minister Ramona Elliott

Continental breakfast and lunch will be served at each of the sessions.

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Each session will feature continental breakfast and lunch.

*Additional speakers will be added.